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Last update: June 02, 2016

I will be adding more links and information here as I go. I am looking forward to your questions and suggestions.

The amount of information on knifemaking available online is immense, but sometimes it is not easy to find what you are really looking for. Below I have tried to list the most helpful links on different topics.

Youtube Tutorials
  • Nick Wheeler
    • Nick is a master in bowie knives (hidden tang) and has very detailed vidoes on blade finishing, bolsters, handle making & finishing.
  • Walter Sorrels
    • Walter has several videos on how to make a simple knife
    • Many videos on knifemaking tools (including belt grinders of course)
    • Advices for beginners (do's and dont's)
  • Gough custom
    • Very good videos on tools (the grinding jig in particular)
  • Caleb White knives
    • Excellent series called Knifemaking 4kNOOBs (outdoor full tang knife) - very detailed with lot's of explanations - probably the best I have seen
    • Very good series on hidden tang knives 
    • Caleb also has first part of what looks like excellent series on making leather sheaths - I hope he will manage to continue the series in the future
  • thetopicala
    • Very good videos on making of puukko knives (blades, handles, sheets)
  • Japanese Knife Imports
    • Jon has probably the best videos on learning free hand sharpening of Japanese kitchen knives with water stones
    • Very good videos on type of kitchen knives, steels, etc,
  • Leodis leather videos
    • very detailed videos on leather working (mostly non knife stuff though).
  • Bitsharp:
    • a very detailed series on making a full tang knife from A to Z. Includes very practical overview of different handle finishes.


This is a subject that you do not need to plunge into right away, but if you plan to do your own HT it really is recommendable to read up on the topic. Probably the best book on the topic (which you can find online as PDF) is: Metallurgy of Steel for Bladesmiths & Others who Heat Treat and Forge Steel, by John D. Verhoeven. I am in the process of reading it and find it very well written and easy to understand.

Belt Grinders

Promethean knives as a very nice overview of different belt grinders that are used for knifemaking. Have a look at different belt grinders that are available - this will give you an idea what features are commonly found.

Marko Tsourkan (knifemaker and tool-possesed-mad-scientist :) ) just started offering a belt grinder developed specifically for knifemakers. If you want to check them out see this long thread on KitchenKnifeForums.com That is probably going to be one of the best (if not the best) belt grinder for serious knifemakers. End of a little plug for Marko :)

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