Finished projects

Project #24 Refinishing and rehandling of 210 mm Yoshikazu Ikeda gyuto

Project #22 Refinishing and rehandling a Takeda santoku



Project #19 - 210 Niolox gyuto


Project #21 - Damascus paring knife

Project #23 - new handle for a DICK bread knife

Project #8 - WA handle for a 240 Tanaka gyuto

Project #17 - Mounting Shiro-suita from Ohira-yama on a wooden support

Project #12 - 180 mm gyuto in Niolox steel

Project #16 - Handle for a Watanabe Mukimono knife

Before & After:

Project #14 - Mounting Aiiwatani natural stone on a wooden board

A little different kind of project.

Project #15 - Handle for a 80 mm Kato petty

My first 'commission' work.

Before & After

Project #10 - WA handles for two 165 mm single bevel funayuki knives

New handle style for me (with brass bolster).

Before & After

Project #11 - thinning & refinishing Hide 225 mm gyuto

I did not expect it will take this much work to get it done. 

Before & After:

Project #5 - 240 mm D2 gyuto

This project was a big 'lesson lerned', the knife turned out to be a good cutter though.

Project #4 - Birch Bark Handle for a Puukko Blade

A fun project that turned out pretty well

Project #3 - Petit Gyuto Kitchen Knife

My first attempt to make a kitchen knife

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